A pyroclastic material

Earth: a pyroclastic material When you present a construction system based on a metal reticulated structure and combined with earth, you will definitely need some sort of approval by an insurance company in order to finance the construction...

For the insurance evaluator this combination of materials is simply unthinkeable... but maybe he would view it differently if you would substitute the word “earth” with the following definition:

"A pyroclastic material, which due to its origen and the characteristics of its deposition and cooling presents an amorphous structure... And as it is formed basically by Silicio (Si), Aluminio (Al) and iron (Fe), when combined in a very delicate form with calcium hidroxide in the presence of H2O and, if possible, combined with some heat... produces the formation of silicate-aluminates... which produces in this material, physical characteristics and mechanical properties of considerable structural strength... while at the same time improves its lifespan and other engineering characteristics"

Most likely, the evaluator will not understand anything, but definitely he will not have the same impression as if he had heard the word “earth”

 This is only one example to show that “earth” is not simply this brown, yellow or black material, which often is associated (with great indifference) with the poorest of the poor…..”earth” could have a much wider significance!

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Marcelino Castro
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