Celebration of 20th. Anniversary

Min Jiménez Min Jimenez started with Sofonías 20 years ago as a tile maker in Rivas, Nicaragua. In this field he is recognized as one of the most experienced and talented. He has taught the skills of making MicroConcrete Roofing tiles in countries like Guatemala and El Salvador and in countless occasions at the EcoMateriales workshop in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

His talent as a “teacher” and his general knowledge in construction has lead him to supervise and teach the mason apprentices in the housing project in Diriamba.

He is proud of the work he has been developing over the last twenty years and has gained the respect of everybody with his charming way.

Grupo Sofonías and the EcoSouth Network would like to thank Min for his effort in all these years!

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Martín Meléndez
Civil Engineer
Spanish and English
Microconcrete roofing tiles (MCR), CP 40 (alternative cement), adobe, tapial, burnt clay bricks, social organization, workshop planning for MCR and alternative cement, setup and implementation of housing projects, disaster prevention in construction