Translation team well prepared

ImageIt was an engaged team that carried out the simultaneous translation for EcoMaterials 2005. Even at the opening reception they were busily meeting people to get to know their voices and made special efforts to accustom themselves to the accents of the English speakers from outside North America. They familiarized themselves with the technical words and phrases that they had gleaned from their studies of the abstracts and asked for clarifications beforehand. They asked that speakers talk at a moderate rhythm and while most did comply, they were also able to translate the words of those who could not slow their pace. Their clear ability with the conference languages, Spanish and English, enabled the participants to benefit from and enjoy the presentations and enrich their body of knowledge.

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Kurt RhynerKurt Rhyner
Architect, PhD. Professor
Spanish, English, German, French.
Project conception, analysis of technologies and materials appropriate to the specific situation, financial analysis, executive management, backstopping, evaluations



Teja de MicroConcreto
MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
The tevi model TM5 may works with a 12V inverter or with solar panels or a car batery, by itself. A well trained, 2-people team, can produce up to 350 tiles per day
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