First graduates in dual education program

It was a formal occasion, quite different from the construction site, when the young masons received their diplomas at the Polytechnic Institute of Jinotepe in Nicaragua. Almost 80 young people graduated in different sectors at the vocational institute, and eight received outstanding recognition. Two of them were from the small class of seven graduates from the dual education masonry programme run by Grupo Sofonias within the Deswos/BMZ Diriamba project. On a visit to the construction site a few days later, one could see these same graduates busily at work, each with a first year apprentice at his side, as well as a couple of "aspirants", who have been doing everything and anything on the building site for a month, with the hope of being accepted into the program. An entry in the visitors´ book stated that these walls were the best concrete block walls seen in decades. Nicaragua is on its way to building a force of qualified masons!

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Marcos MacancheMarcos Macanche
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Brickmakers mixing the clay in the traditional way
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