Dynamic women tilemakers en El Salvador

The women from the workshop La Tejita in San Rafael are a dynamic group. They don't just sell tiles to individuals and projects, they also are thinking of diversifying the production. It is possible that they will do the basic technology transfer to a women's group in an other community, which is interested in setting up a workshop. The five workshops, which were built up by the women's association “Las Mélidas” after the 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador, produce tiles of high quality and, on top of this, their workshops are incredibly orderly and tidy, the moulds still look like new after two years of use.
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Peter Arndt
Social worker and Mechanical technician
German, English, Spanish
Project administration and management, social organization, mechanical innovation


Teja de MicroConcreto
MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
The tevi model TM5 may works with a 12V inverter or with solar panels or a car batery, by itself. A well trained, 2-people team, can produce up to 350 tiles per day
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