Planning of Salvadorian seminar about popular housing

The salvadoranian office of the Irish NGO “Trocaire” and EcoSur are organizing, together with various local NGO's, a seminar-workshop around the theme “alternatives for popular housing”. During the past years Central America, and especially El Salvador, has lived through many experiences in house building, many on governmental level, some on the community level, and even the general public has gone through this process. This seminar-workshop seeks to analyse some of these experiences and open up a vision of bringing together the technologies, materials, mechanisms of planning, management and house construction, with emphasis on rural housing. The morning seminar includes international experts on different themes and there will be a debate about the fundamental principal of technologies, materials and forms of management. During the workshop there will be a chance to learn directly how to produce and/or use the materials and systems, and in a second phase learn about some projects and their results through an exhibition of posters.
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Estuardo QuispilloEstuardo Quispillo
Constructions technician
Expert in construction and operation of the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, VSBK (HVC, Horno Vertical Contínuo)
Installation, training and setup of workshops of MicroConcrete Roofing tiles


Brickmakers mixing the clay in the traditional way
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