Roofing guide for carpinters

Guia de techar para el carpintero Estuardo Quishpillo from the EcoSur team in Ecuador has transfered his wide experience and knowledge as a producer and constructor of MCR roofs into a guide for carpenters that includes graphic methods to determine quantities of materials. He recently used this guide for a roofing course for MCR producers in El Salvador.

Carpenters from different regions of the country participated in this course which began with two days of theory about how to design a roof and define the dimensions of the pieces to be used in the roof structure whether made of wood or metal. This was something new for most of the participants who until then had only been able to make approximate calculations that usually resulted in losses recourses. Now they can make a detailed list of materials to be used.

The practical part of the course was the construction of two roofs in a housing project implemented by the “Asociacion Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Mujeres Solidarias” (ACAMS) financed by DESWOS in Germany.

The guide for carpenters / builders is available as .pdf in the link below (spanish only)
pdf guia_techos_jun2008_eq 06/06/2008,13:14 1.29 Mb

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Pedro Seijo
Professor of Civil Engineering
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