First experience with MCR tiles

Most of those who attended the third International EcoMaterials Conference had just heard or read about the MCR tiles in the EcoSur website and, therefore, were attracted to the stand in the conference hall, where an MCR production unit was displayed, along with MCR tiles. During the three day event many people had their first exposure to MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, and admired the quality and properties of the tiles, as well as the first hand experience with the machinery and the process. A 10-minute video focused upon MCR production in Ecuador (part of it is available in the "publications" section of the website). Conference participants could see the "flagship" product of the EcoSur Network, understand how it works and how the tiles are made.
The MCR tiles for the counter came from Ecuador, where MCR tiles are marketed under the "Techofácil" trademark. Although one of the tiles broke during transportation, it was not a lost. Rather, the broken tile was useful to demonstrate the internal structure of the MicroConcrete Roofing tile.


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Kathryn Pozak
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EcoMateriales: Teja de MicroConcreto y Paneles de FerroCemento

The EcoSur network presents a short professional video on two major technologies, the Ferrocement panels and the Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Filmed in Nicaragua and Salvador, it shows production and application and gives a summary overview of those two materials that have a relatively small ecological footprint and have widely proven to be sustainable in the three classical dimensions ecology, economy and social acceptance.

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