Light weight floor slab system: Mini Vaults Technical Sheet

Mini VaultsThe Technical Sheet presented in this website update focuses upon a light weight floor slab system of modules of based upon beams with Mini Vaults between them. This is an idea system for intermediate floors in multi-storey buildings. It is a technique that evolved out of the MicroConcrete Roofing experiments and applications and is a natural diversification for EcoMaterials Workshops. It reduces the use of timber for internal ceilings and as such contributes to environmental conservation and, of course, it is an economically interesting solution as it optimizes the use of concrete and steel.

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Martín Meléndez
Civil Engineer
Spanish and English
Microconcrete roofing tiles (MCR), CP 40 (alternative cement), adobe, tapial, burnt clay bricks, social organization, workshop planning for MCR and alternative cement, setup and implementation of housing projects, disaster prevention in construction



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