Networking from Namibia to Bangladesh

 Peter Arndt & Beate Grunzke   

As consultants from the EcoSouth Network we (Beate Grunzke and Peter Arndt) visited the NGO “DUS-Bangladesh” in Bangladesh. The task of Peter was to supply the MCR technology implemented by DUS. Beate should design a homepage for DUS.


In the village of Bahar Pur, where DUS is localized, we visited the MCR workshop daily to checked the quality and productivity of the work. We realized that good quality tiles are being produced, even when the sand seems very fine. The equipment is good (tevi machine and roman moulds) and the labor is qualified. In the workshop there is a ridge tile mould structure, self-made with wood and with a capacity of 8 tiles per day. But they need to have an other mould structure with a capacity of 25 tiles to produce enough for a contract they have for a large roof in Dhaka.

Another task in Bahar Pur was to design and build a demo roof for an agricultural school (50m x 4m). The former roof with bamboo structure and metal sheet was taken off by a storm. As it is difficult to get a straight roof structure out of bamboo (and also building wood is not from good quality) the roof structure should be done out of steel. So we designed a light metal structure out of prefabricated welded elements which was installed by nuts and bolts (at the building site there was no electricity). After five days working together with a local metal workshop the left side of the structure was installed. The local technician has learned the new system of light metal structure and is now able to finish this roof without supervision.

Back in Dhaka we spent time at meetings discussing technical details about the large roof to be built, and could providse a final quotation which was also approved by the owners. On our last day in Dhaka the agreement was ready to be signed. EcoSouth experts at CIDEM will design the roof and supervise the construction.

Meanwhile the information about the homepage has been completed after several interviews with Modal Hakim. Beate has studied the information about DUS and has taken some photos all around the activities of DUS for the homepage

We would like to give our special thanks to Mr. Hakim who has made our work possible and successful. He organized our work tasks as well as our accommodation, food and transportation etc. very well. As we realized that it is not easy to organize everything in time in Bangladesh we encountered him as a competent manager.

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