Ideas for Reconstruction in Haiti

modulo_ser_001.jpg The Swiss newspaper “Die Südostschweiz” published in its edition of Wednesday, January 20, an interview with the Architect Kurt Rhyner about ideas for the post-disaster reconstruction in Haiti. The interview, entitled “The first room for Life after the Catastrophe”, begins:

A house, for many in Haiti will remain only as a dream. For life after the Earthquake Kurt Rhyner and the Network (EcoSur) wishes to make a start in this direction through the “Core Shelter Program

You can download here the full interview (gernan only, PDF, 285 Kbytes)

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Martín Meléndez
Civil Engineer
Spanish and English
Microconcrete roofing tiles (MCR), CP 40 (alternative cement), adobe, tapial, burnt clay bricks, social organization, workshop planning for MCR and alternative cement, setup and implementation of housing projects, disaster prevention in construction