Experience and engagement

EcoSouth draws upon almost two decades of experience with MCR, and its pool of international consultants not only have provided technological assistance and courses, but also have been involved in scientific investigation and in developing excellent tile-making equipment.

South-south technology transfer

Beyond Latin America, EcoSouth experts have been pivotal in introducing the technology of Micro Concrete Roofing throughout the globe, with specific impacts in Tajikistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Namibia. Knowledge-sharing with organizations in Asia, Africa, and Central Asia reinforces the EcoSouth idea of south-south interchange. International experience and technical knowledge combined with solid language skills allows technology transfer and attention in Spanish, English, Russian, German and French.

This knowledge and overview has contributed to developing a reliable monitoring system for MCR, which allows an up-to-date overview of the technology throughout the world. Multi-disciplinary teams plan human settlements that incorporate disaster prevention into their designs. It is worth mentioning that MCR tiles have withstood powerful hurricanes and earthquakes.

The EcoSouth pool of consultants guide and provide technical support for two dynamic regional MCR projects in Latin America and one in southern Africa. Monitoring of MCR producers in Ghana and technological update to Cameroon, forms part of the emerging African networking activities.

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EcoMateriales: Teja de MicroConcreto y Paneles de FerroCemento

The EcoSur network presents a short professional video on two major technologies, the Ferrocement panels and the Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Filmed in Nicaragua and Salvador, it shows production and application and gives a summary overview of those two materials that have a relatively small ecological footprint and have widely proven to be sustainable in the three classical dimensions ecology, economy and social acceptance.

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Who we are

Among the basic needs of humanity - food, clothing and shelter - our work embraces shelter.
EcoSouth addresses the great housing deficit in southern countries, especially the vast majority of people who have no adequate roof over their heads