Edition 30 - April 2008

Bicycles.....and mortgages?

Bicicletas... ¿e hipotecas?A combination of bicycles and mortgages? Yes, they do have something in common. These are the focuses of a social enterprise in Nicaragua that seeks to satisfy some of the basic needs of people, housing and transport.

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Practical workshop about construction with raw earth in Nicaragua

Taller práctico en Nicaragua sobre construcción con tierra crudaThe third Sunday of February was different for the ten masonry apprentices from the educational project in Diriamba, Nicaragua. Full of expectations they traveled to a community of Jinotega in the north of the country, with the objective to learn about construction techniques with raw earth and interchange with the local people. After enjoying the beautiful sight of the mountains along the winding northern highway, they arrived in Jinotega to be welcomed by Mateu and Andres, two earth lovers from Spain who want to share their experience, especially with the “Cob” system (construction with raw earth).

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Kathryn Pozak
Swiss and Canadian
Political Scientist and Journalist
English, Spanish, spoken German.
General concepts and synergies, backstopping, evaluations



archidona ecuador

"Whatever you can find" is an architectural workshop, with communitary participation, from the Catholic University from Quito.
EcoSur network supports this workshop in Santa Rita community, near Archidona, Ecuador.

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