Past editions Sun, 22 Jul 2018 18:58:22 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (EcoSur: Concrete Roof Tiles, puzolanic cement, earth houses, ecomaterials) Steps toward legal bases for clay based constructions ¿asos para crear las bases legales de la construcción con  tierraAt the Nicaraguan coast, a round table composed of specialists from various countries intensely debated the following key questions:

  • Is it possible to elaborate norms for clay based constructions which will permit poor people to build or are the demands so high that this building system would be unaffordable?
  • Is it politically viable to achieve approval of such norms in the different countries, and what would the strategy look like to realize it?
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Reforestation in Sitio Historico Reforestación en NicaraguaIn this issue of the EcoSouth website Claudia Wild focues upon the reforestation component of the "Sitio Historico" project, a painstaking endeavor that contributes to maintenance of the natural environment and thereby to the survival of the rural society. 

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Gallery of natural building materials owd_logoThis article was published on and is being reprinted with the authorization of Kelly Lerner, an architect of prestige for her investigation of natural building materials, especially straw bales. In the e-magazine No. 22 we reported on a project in China managed by the author.
Solid, sustainable, and energy efficient are just some of the prolific benefits of natural building. In this Gallery, view some of the key materials used in production of our structures. 

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