We all felt Cuban for awhile

The communication talents of the speakers overcame an unexpected lack of the means necessary to make their presentation.

No one was prepared to make a presentation without using a computer. However, the City of Santa Clara suffered an electrical cut during the time that three work commissions simultaneously were underway at the Convention Center Bolivar on the second day of the EcoMaterials Conference. For a few moments we all felt Cuban.

After waiting a while for the electricity to return, the group decided to continue and improvise. Thus, we squeezed closer together to look at the screens of the portable computers that had only 40 minutes of battery.

The solidarity of the participants and the ingenuity of those making presentations, along with the skills of the translators, saved the situation and left all with the good feeling of a job well done, even with the absence of the appropriate means.

Samira Chahin, Brazil and Fernando Martin-Consuegra, Spain


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Paul Moreno A.
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Chemical / food processes
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EcoMateriales: Teja de MicroConcreto y Paneles de FerroCemento

The EcoSur network presents a short professional video on two major technologies, the Ferrocement panels and the Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Filmed in Nicaragua and Salvador, it shows production and application and gives a summary overview of those two materials that have a relatively small ecological footprint and have widely proven to be sustainable in the three classical dimensions ecology, economy and social acceptance.

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