Villa Clara: an attractive environment for EcoMaterials 2005

ImageAlthough it does not enjoy the fame of other important Cuban tourist centres, Villa Clara does offer visitors an abundance of interesting historical and cultural sites that have become an acclaimed destination for foreigners who come to the country on business trips, or to participate in conferences and congresses, or simply attracted by the natural beauty or to better know Cuba and its people.

Besides the plaza and monument to the guerrilla commander Ernest Che Guevara, without doubt the most important attraction in central Cuba, highlights of the capital city include the Museum of the Battle of Santa Clara – liberated through the forces of Che Guevara against the president Batista - , the Vidal Park and various surrounding buildings, such as the Teatro de la Caridad, the hotel Santa Clara Libre and the Museum of Decorative Arts. On its periphery the hotel Los Caneyes, an imitation of a native village, and the Villa La Granjita are important centers of tourism.

Villa La Granjita

The Santa Maria Key, with its magnificente four-star beach hotel, is joined to the land by a road over the sea, which offers the traveller who loves nature unforgettable untouched scenery where beautiful flora and fauna can be seen. A journey over this route is an pleasant experience that culminates in enjoyment of other lovely beaches in the north of Cuba.

Cayo Santa María

Along the route from the capital to the keys one encounters the city of Remedios, one of the best conserved Cuban urban centers, with the architecture and mood of the XVIII y XIX centuries. It is also famous for its traditional festivals that are extremely lively. Caibarién is also along this route and it is here that one can eat fresh seafood and enter the Fragoso Key with its paradisiacal beach.

The  III Internacional EcoMaterials Conference offers the participants the opportunity to know many of these sites of interest, but within the intense technical program has provided space for a journey to get to know the province and city that hosts the conference for the second time.  ¡Welcome!

Carreta típica en Remedios
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