Flower Market

At the periphery of Santa Clara´s Central Park, the traveller surprisingly encounters a lively cluster of flower stands and vendors, that provide a colourful and aromatic ambient from early morning and throughout the whole day. Roses, mariposas, daisies, and gladiolas, vie among themselves with their beautiful colors and scents, at the same time as they fulfil the desires of a population accustomed to buy flowers, singly or in bouquets, either for their own pleasure or as a refined gift, always well-received.



Javier GilJavier Gil
Topography Engineer, Spain
Spanish, english, french
Project management, construction, budgeting, training



EcoMateriales: Teja de MicroConcreto y Paneles de FerroCemento

The EcoSur network presents a short professional video on two major technologies, the Ferrocement panels and the Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Filmed in Nicaragua and Salvador, it shows production and application and gives a summary overview of those two materials that have a relatively small ecological footprint and have widely proven to be sustainable in the three classical dimensions ecology, economy and social acceptance.

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