Edition #16, October 2005

EcoHabitat Competition winners

The 43 presentations for the EcoHabitat Competition were of such high quality that the organizing committee had an arduous task, not only to select the first ten finalists, but from among them to choose the two winners. Selected in the executed projects, is a “Home for Single Mothers in Yeredemém Mali, presented by the team of Fernando Martín-Consuegra, Francisco Botella y Carlos Higinio Esteban. In the category of ideas in the design process the winner is a “Dwelling for Fishermen” in Venezuela, presented by Fabiana Zapata. Their work will be presented at the EcoMaterials Conference in Santa Clara.

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The 2000 Watt Society: a vision becomes reality

A vision of the future called the “2000 Watt Society” will be presented on the first day of the EcoMaterials Conference in Santa Clara by Swiss architect Roland Stulz. 2000 watts is the average world-wide energy demand per capita. The vision of a 2000 Watt Society calls for the reduction of energy consumption by a factor 3 to 6 in the northern hemisphere and for countries of the southern hemisphere to develop their economies with an increase in energy input by a factor 3 to 6, but in a sustainable manner.

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Santa Clara, its history and highlights

Santa Santa Clara is the host city for the EcoMaterials Conference, and visitors can not only enjoy many sights, they can absorb the spirit and feeling of this special place as they walk the streets, travel in bici-taxis or buy flowers in the park. While its history goes back more than three centuries, its current fame has much to do with its being “the City of Che”. The accompanying article provides an account of its 316 history as well as point out attractions of interest in the entire province.

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Monument to Che Guevarra

Santa Clara is the city liberated by Che and his group during the revolutionary struggle, an event that penetrates the entire city. A memorial park was built as a tribute to this hero in little over a year with the support of the entire population.  It includes a large sculpture of Ernesto  “Che” Guevarra looking out over the horizon. The Plaza, Tribune, Museum and the Monument to Che were inaugurated on December 28, 1988 in a ceremony commemorating the XXX Anniversary of the Battle of Santa Clara.

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Making Better Concrete

"Making Better Concrete: Guidelines to Using Flay Ash for Higher Quality, Eco-Friendly Structures"
This book by Bruce King is a good addition to the library of anyone who wants to understand the theme of using fly ash in concrete. Such understanding is important for people who take the decisions about what products to use. Pozzolans in concrete could have a tremendous impact on reducing the environmental footprint of cement. Worldwide, the production of Portland cement alone accounts for 6-8% of human-generated CO2 (depending on whom you ask). So here, in a single industry, lies the opportunity to slow the very alarming trend toward global warming.

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Fernando Martirena
Civil Engineer, PhD. Professor.
Spanish, English, German.
Research and investigation of materials, specifically alternative cement and cement products.


Brickmakers mixing the clay in the traditional way
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