How to register for EcoMaterials 2005

The third edition of the EcoMaterials Conference will take place in Santa Clara from November 14-17, an event that has prompted many questions from visitors to the website. The Frequently Asked Questions are highlighted in an article that treats themes such as how to registrar, costs of the event, accommodation, local activities. As well, it treats tour packages and combination of EcoMaterials 2005 with the earth construction seminar.

How to register for the conference ?

You should register by filling out his form and announce your participation, if you have not done so already by submitting a paper. You can pay the registration fee in Santa Clara in Cuban Convertible Currency (CUC) or you can pay right now by credit card or by bank transfer to a neutral account.  Please note that you save USD 40-70 through prepayment.

Registration fee




Delegate paying before October 1st




Delegate paying in cash in Cuba on site




Student paying before October 1st




Student paying in cash in Cuba on site




What is the exchange rate for CUC (Cuban Convertible Currency) ?
At the moment in most banks the CUC is quoted11% higher than the USD; however USD cash forfeits 10% at the exchange due to the US embargo.  The EURO and other convertible currencies can be exchanged at the banks.  It is possible to reconvert extra CUC at the end of your stay. In hotels and many restaurants and shops you can pay with credit cards (if they are not issued by a US bank !).  Basically tourists pay in CUC, although some prices in local restaurants or food stalls might be in CUP (“normal” Cuban Peso, exchange rate is 24 CUP = 1 CUC).

Hotel and conference arrangements
All hotel arrangements include breakfast. At the conference a light lunch is offered. There are several restaurants of different categories in Havanna and in Santa Clara, and prices range from 1 CUC to 15 CUC for a full meal.  Vegetarians often find Cuba somewhat difficult.


Fun and friends
Experiences from earlier editions of the conference reveal that already at the opening cocktail a groups spirit settles in.  Santa Clara is a small town and in the evenings people sit together in the bars over beer or a bottle of good rum, and often move to one of the nightclubs later on.  The Cuban society is very welcoming, but at the same time somewhat conservative and respectful. The second night of the conference a cultural activity is offered and the conference closes with a farewell luncheon on Thursday.

Do you offer a tour package ?
Universitur offers packages for the conference, but you can also book individual arrangements directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  They offer two arrangements, one with budget hotels (2-star) and one with comfortable 3-star hotels.
They pick you up at the airport and transfer to a hotel in Havana on Saturday November 12 (important that you communicate your flight details). At midday Sunday an air-conditioned bus will transfer the group to Santa Clara (300 Km from Havana). The budget hotel is located at the town square, the other hotel with swimming pool and bungalows is a 10 minute taxi ride out of town.

On the Friday after the conference, the bus takes you back to Havana for one more night at the hotel, and the package includes transfer to the airport on Saturday. Additional nights before or after can be arranged through Universitur.


How to pay the tour package ?
The prices quoted are CUC, and you may pay on site in cash or with most credit cards (if they are not issued by a US bank !). However, you can also pay by credit card in advance to a neutral account or by bank transfer.

Hotel  (2 nights in Havanna, 5 in Santa Clara)

Double occupancy

Single occupancy

Budget Hotels   (2  stars) 

CUC  205

CUC  265

Comfort Hotel (3 stars)

CUC  320

CUC  390

 If prepaid by credit card or bank transfer before October 1st:

Hotel  (2 nights in Havanna, 5 in Santa Clara)

Double occupancy

Single occupancy

Budget Hotels   (2  stars) 

USD  235

USD  305

Comfort Hotel (3 stars)

USD  370

USD  450

 You can pay the registration fee and the tour package by credit card through a neutral paypal account

Or you send a bank transfer (no checks !) to the following account:

UBS (United Bank of Switzerland), 8750 Glarus, Switzerland
Account holder is Grupo Sofonias, 8750 Glarus, Switzerland
In EUR : Acc No 284-739 383 6EK (IBAN CH55 0028 4284 7393 836E K
In USD : Acc No 284-739 383 60Y  (IBAN CH73 0028 4284 7393 8360 Y

Can I combine the “Seminario de tierra” in Havana with the Conference ?
Yes, actually many people do that. Please check at this link for the arrangements. You can also combine with the “Jornada de arquitectura” (check this link)  in Santa Clara (November 18) by staying one more day in Santa Clara.

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Civil Engineer, PhD. Professor.
Spanish, English, German.
Research and investigation of materials, specifically alternative cement and cement products.


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