Edition #14, July 2005

Deswos visits projects in Riobamba

Winfried Cléver, DESWOS representative for Africa and Latin America, recently visited the Nuca Huasi Project in Riobamba, Ecuador. As well as building and repairing houses, the project educates young masonry apprentices in a two year program. During his visit to three villages he encountered people working on their houses and was able to experience a minga, an ancient system of community voluntary work, where the people were making adobes for their houses.

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EcoHabitat competition

EcoHabitat competitionToward the end of 2004, the EcoSouth Network opened a competition about the EcoHabitat:”Projects executed and/or architectonic designs with EcoMaterials. Forty-six works were presented and the jury had to plan additional sessions to decided upon the ten finalists. The response was much greater than the organizers could have imagined. Not only the great number of proposals, but also the quality of the work was outstanding. Noteworthy is that all the presentations were in Spanish, even if they were from outside Latin America.

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How to register for EcoMaterials 2005

The third edition of the EcoMaterials Conference will take place in Santa Clara from November 14-17, an event that has prompted many questions from visitors to the website. The Frequently Asked Questions are highlighted in an article that treats themes such as how to registrar, costs of the event, accommodation, local activities. As well, it treats tour packages and combination of EcoMaterials 2005 with the earth construction seminar.

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Technology transfer to Mexico

Technology transfer to MexicoDuring a technology transfer in Mexico, Sergio Betancourt demonstrated possible appropriate solutions for the production of construction materials and elements for popular housing in the state of Michoacán. Feasibility analysis about availability of local materials, theoretical and practical capacitation of project personnel and workers, setting up an integrated pilot production unit, and construction of a scale model at the local fair grounds, were some of the highlights of the mission. respuesta a una mayor cantidad de solicitudes de las familias de menores ingresos.

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Waste to Houses Project receives Best Practice Certificate

The CIDEM team that directed “Waste to Houses” displays the Best Practice Certificate from UN Habitat/City of Dubai. The project combines production of construction materials made from waste product with repair of  hurricane affected houses, and is supported by Werkhof Darmstadt e.v. in Germany with co-financing from the Euopean Union. (link No. 11 Recycling Waste). It is worth mentioning that CIDEM hosts the III EcoMaterials Conference to take place in Santa Clara in November 2005.

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Kurt RhynerKurt Rhyner
Architect, PhD. Professor
Spanish, English, German, French.
Project conception, analysis of technologies and materials appropriate to the specific situation, financial analysis, executive management, backstopping, evaluations


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