Coordination meeting about EcoMaterials 2005

As part of the preparation for the Third Internacional EcoMaterials Conference (Santa Clara, November 2005) a coordination meeting took place in Cuba about publications on our Website and the newsletters, EcoSouth and EcoSur. More participants are expected to attend EcoMaterials 2005 than the previous conferences, that reveals the prestige that this events has acquired within the scientific community concerned with ecologically and economically sustainable construction materials. It became clear that publications in the Website have divulged the conference to a greater audience. During the past three years visits to have  increased to the current 7,500 monthly.

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Paul Moreno A.
Spanish, English, German
Quality assurance, processes standarization
Chemical / food processes
Communications Officer - EcoSur webmaster
Customer service representative


archidona ecuador

"Whatever you can find" is an architectural workshop, with communitary participation, from the Catholic University from Quito.
EcoSur network supports this workshop in Santa Rita community, near Archidona, Ecuador.

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