Importance of removing lime from MCR tiles alter water curing

During a study visit to Ecuador, Fernando Cuadra from Nicaragua expanded his knowledge about MicroConcrete Roofing tile production. The young engineering student noted the importance of removing the lime that accumulates during the 7 days the MCR tiles rest in water. "The lime is released and remains and sediment on the tiles," said Fernando. "Consequently, any paint that is applied to the tile would have a limited life span. For this reason, they taught me that at the moment of removing the tile from the water, it is important to clean each tile with a piece of cloth, something like jeans, canvas, or even plastic, in order to remove the residues."

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Diego Coloma
Diego Coloma MachadoEcuadorean
Mechanic technician
Spanish, english
Installation, training and setup of workshops: MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, Puzzolanic cement, concrete precasts.


archidona ecuador

"Whatever you can find" is an architectural workshop, with communitary participation, from the Catholic University from Quito.
EcoSur network supports this workshop in Santa Rita community, near Archidona, Ecuador.

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