Raffle of houses in Diriamba

The first 24 houses in the Practical Apprenticeship project in Diriamba were raffled in order to match the house with the new owner. In full view of all a number for each house was placed in a closed envelope and deposited into a box. Between smiles and tears after choosing its envelope each family ran to see their house and who would be their neighbors. Afterwards they received a signed document indicating the house and, together with the designated plot in the owner´s name, they will receive the title of property when the houses are formally handed over.


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Martín Meléndez
Civil Engineer
Spanish and English
Microconcrete roofing tiles (MCR), CP 40 (alternative cement), adobe, tapial, burnt clay bricks, social organization, workshop planning for MCR and alternative cement, setup and implementation of housing projects, disaster prevention in construction


Brickmakers mixing the clay in the traditional way
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