Synergies in adobe project: women´s association and university students

“Swiss Workers´Aid” and the national women´s association are promoting the construction of forty adobe (sun-dried clay bricks) houses in a small village in El Salvador. The architectural faculty of the National University is cooperating with the design and two students who are in charge of the onsite management. An EcoSur expert in clay construction visited the project together with a lecturer from the university and in intensive discussions it was possible to introduce several small improvement that will cut down costs without lowering safety standards.


The technology is based on age-old massive adobe technology and does not introduce any expensive and difficult additions, other than a solid foundation and a tie-beam on top of the walls (See Salama experience)

We at EcoSouth are excited about the fact that universities start to teach clay construction. It was refreshing to see the enthusiasm of the two students (Juan José and Roberto) who obviously have assimilated the change from city to countryside with joy. We will be visiting the project again at a later stage.

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Fernando Martirena
Civil Engineer, PhD. Professor.
Spanish, English, German.
Research and investigation of materials, specifically alternative cement and cement products.


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