Guatemalan tile producers meet in Chimaltenango

On the second Saturday of March, 19 representatives from different workshops in Guatemala met in Chimaltenango with Kurt Rhyner from Grupo Sofonias who was visiting Guatemala. One of the central points was the discussion of a recently finished clients survey, which shows that 92% of the customers are fully satisfied with their roof and only 2% would not use it again.


This, together with the news that 88% of the customers had chosen MCR because they had seen it on a roof or had been counseled by another customer, generated some good discussions.

All workshops are proud of their quality and rightly so, in general terms it may be said that the Guatemalan producers probably have the highest quality standard

It was interesting to hear that considerable business is going on between the workshops, some help each other out with stock when there is large sale, while others are reluctant to even share simple experiences with “the competition”.

Javier Quiñonez, who had been attending the network in Guatemala over the last few years handed over the responsibilities to Emiliano Armira, a former Sofonias director who himself is also an MCR producer. It was also decided to send some equipment to Guatemala to simplify the process of purchasing for the producers. Grupo Sofonias will finance this equipment bank from the funds destined to this activity.

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