Sustainable management of natural resources in Nicaragua

A project dedicated to the sustainable management of natural resources and socio-economic development in the rural area of Carazo got off to a good start on April 5, with an encounter of key players from the various communities. The project financed through POSAF/BID/FND/MARENA benefits 164 small and medikum rural producers from 13 communities of Jinotepe and La Conquista.


In a three-year period the project intends to increase the yield of the crops through technology transfer, while at the same it impulses reforestation with both energy- and timber-producing species. At the end of the period the project should have achieved:
150ha of forest: 75ha of energy yielding forest and 75ha of timber forest

  • 96ha of forests managed naturally
  • 60ha of naturally regenerated soil
  • 195ha of agro-forestal crops (rice, corn, sorghum, etc.)
  • 130ha of improved pasture for livestock
  • 32ha of organic coffee planted together with avocado and banana
  • 820 contention dikes constructed
  • 164 improved kitchens

Each producer will receive inputs (seeds, wires, clamps, posts, plants, etc.) up to a non-refundable amount of US $1,275.

Another important part of the project has to do with training of the producer and his family. During the three years training will focus upon two different topics: Environmental Training and General Training.

Environmental Training concentrates upon the themes:

  • Management of plagues
  • Forest fire
  • Insecticides and organic fertilizers
  • Management of watersheds
  • Importance of worm cultivation
  • Use and safe handling of pesticides
  • Importance of forests

General training to the producers will deal with:

  • Community self-management
  • Responsible leadership
  • Gender and teamwork
  • Construction of improved stoves
  • Natural regeneration of soils
  • Forest plantations
  • Conservation of soils and water
  • Construction of dikes
  • Crops after harvest
  • Farm management

Since 1996 Grupo Sofonias / ECOTEC S.A. has implemented different rural environmental development projects with international organizations of cooperation, the target group being small and medium agricultural producers. This has included forest systems, improved pasture systems, agroforestal works, water reservoirs, small irrigation systems and demonstration fields.

The current project also intends to develop socioeconomic aspects which aim to increase each family income at least 30%, at the same time as 50 hectares of uncultivated land is reforested.

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Fernando Martirena
Civil Engineer, PhD. Professor.
Spanish, English, German.
Research and investigation of materials, specifically alternative cement and cement products.


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