Colombian decision-maker receives MCR overview in Riobamba

Pedro Villarreal, executive of ProCoNat, director of the Builders for the Future Institute and general secretary of Colombia´s Construction Workers Union, arrived in Riobamba for an overview course about MCR. With a view toward introducing MCR as a means of improving the quality of construction in Colombia through these organization, Pedro and EcoSur officers talked over future plans to achieve this goal. They worked intensively to have a good overview of the whole process of producing tiles, and how to lay them on the roof.


While on a visit to the countryside, and taking advantage of a meeting with indigenous people on the slopes of the volcano Chimborazo, we could observe a social project with a MCR roof. In the afternoon, our work proceeded to the Ecomaterials plant. There, we had the opportunity to visit all the areas and learn about the production, including MCR. In the evening, we discussed the working plan for the next days and also about Pedro's work in Cali with the Construction Workers´ Union, Builders for the Future Institute, ProCoNat, and Sena, among other topics.

Early next morning, the work continued at the Ecomaterials plant, and Pedro began the intensive training by spending some time at the tile-making machine, then laboratory tests (flexion tests, granulometry, etc). Again the evening became the time for wide-spread discussions about the future of MCR in Colombia and the inter-institutional linking with EcoSur. Cali´s workshop was proposed as a pilot workshop reflecting the workshop in Riobamba to provide training courses for future plants. The use of the EcoSur Certificate of Quality and the inclusion of MCR in curriculums were also considered.
Work began very early next morning, with a look at the de-moulded tiles, followed by roofing. Taking a look at roofs throughout the city, we came to new agreements.
The last day we cleared up details and Pedro left for Cali.

We agreed that my next visit to Cali would be mid-September, and that the MCR workshop currently being installed, will be put into operation, and conditions will be created to make a roof. Taking advantage of my stay there, meetings and encounters will be arranged to work out working agreements by the local organizations and the EcoSouth Network. The course planned for the last week of September will include various levels, and an invitation is being extended to people in the area who have expressed interest in MCR technology through the Website

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