MicroConcrete Roof tiles in post-Mitch houses in Honduras

Víctor Martínez - Honduras   

Honduras, a country severely devastated by Hurricane Mitch, leaving 35,000 homeless families and other 50,000 greatly affected with damages between 10 to 50%, received aid from a multitude of friendly countries which made great efforts in order to help solve the problems of habitation generated by this climatic phenomenon.


The EcoSur Network recommended to the Swiss Red Cross that EcoVide, a Honduran NGO, take charge of the implementation of an important project to construct 317 houses with the active participation of the community. Another EcoVide project, financed by the Catholic Church, seeks to build 170 houses, of which 107 have been completed, and funds are being sought for the remainder.

The building materials, blocks and Micro Concrete Roofing (MCR) tiles, were produced on the site thereby reducing project costs. This kept construction costs low and enabled completion of a total of 424 houses so far, between the two projects located in Ciudad España del Valle de Amarateca, in spite of delays and increased building materials costs.

Community Woman qualified in MCR

New House with MCR in Suyapa

Many people from the project and from the community received training in the technology of MCR and men and women alike participated in the course at the production plant.

House with MCR at La Betania

Micro Concrete Roofing tiles became popular in the area and their physical presence in the housing projects drew attention to the project because of the Roman style tiles and roofs with different elevations, which created an elegant architectural touch.

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Martín Meléndez
Civil Engineer
Spanish and English
Microconcrete roofing tiles (MCR), CP 40 (alternative cement), adobe, tapial, burnt clay bricks, social organization, workshop planning for MCR and alternative cement, setup and implementation of housing projects, disaster prevention in construction


Horno  Vertical Contínuo

Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln - VSBK unloading mechanism
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