September 2003 (II)

MCR premiere in industrial sector in Dhaka

Peter Arndt    

As a consultant from the ECOSouth Network I visited the NGO DUS-Bangladesh in January of this year. On this occasion I had the opportunity to attend some meetings between DUS-Bangladesh and Diran Insulator Factory Ltd. Diran had planned to construct a factory and roof it with MCR-tiles (2500 square meters). As MCR technology is relatively unknown in Bangladesh, DUS-Bangladesh and ECOSouth were asked to build the roof. Together Prof. Nolasco Ruiz and I worked out the design of the building and the quotation.

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An Update from El Salvador

Marcelino Castro   

Las Mélidas – Certificates of Quality
On visits to nine MCR workshops, eight of which pertain to the Women´s Association “Las Mélidas”, five qualified for ECOSouth Certificates of Quality. The new workshops have the normal problems of beginners. Another workshop simply is notorious for its lack of interest in taking care of the equipment and tools.

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Making tiles is like making tortillas: MCR tile course in Guatemala

Martin Melendez   

During the last weeks of August, German Jiménez trained twenty women from the community of San José Argueta in Solola, Guatemala in various aspects of MCR production. The training includes themes such as preparation of the mixture, fabrication of the tiles, curing, quality control, and placing tiles on the roof.

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SOFONic – The focuses of their work (part 3)

Oxana Delgadillo & Livio Gonzalez   

"Remember, we have not inherited the world from our ancestors, rather, we have received it on loan from our children"

We seek to adapt new technologies that foster soil improvement with the aim of environmental protection. Focuses include symbiotic planting of sorghum and sesame, use of organic fertilizers, integrated management of plagues, conservation of soil and water, fencing with plants, building of irrigation ditches, alternating pastures, and improved breeding of livestock. Energy-producing forests are complemented by means to guarantee wise use of firewood through improved cooking stoves.

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Tech Museum Awards Finalists

“Reflecting the mission of The Tech Museum of Innovation, these awards recognize the innovators who use technology to improve people’s lives,” says Peter Giles, president and chief executive officer of The Tech. “Through these awards, The Tech inspires future scientists, technologists, and social entrepreneurs to harness the incredible power and promise of technology to solve the challenges that confront us at the dawn of the 21st Century.”

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Wilfredo Santana
Business Administrator
Project management, operational setup of projects, control mechanisms (financial and administration)


Teja de MicroConcreto
MicroConcrete Roofing Tile machine
The tevi model TM5 may works with a 12V inverter or with solar panels or a car batery, by itself. A well trained, 2-people team, can produce up to 350 tiles per day
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