SofoNic - a team committed to the environment

Oxana Delgadillo & Livio Gonzalez   


  • A center that promotes the genetic improvement of livestock with two seed banks, a corral, drinking tanks, and feed, as well as veterinary products.
  • Five systems of micro-irrigation that serve as technological references for the communities focusing upon sustainable vegetable production as well as planting of fruit trees.
  • Planting of sorgum together with sesame and beans in two planting cycles, thereby preserving and improving the environment. As well the producers received silos so that they can store their grain.
  • 20 productive modules of sheep, six females and one male, that are managed by women.
  • Construction of dams for water catchment, as well as the purchase of a well-drilling unit.
  • 10 hectares of energy producing forests with a recovery for a mortality rate of 20%
  • All producers have acquired the knowledge necessary to practice soil and water conservation by planting living fences and building channels, and the families have assumed an environmental consciousness.
  • Establishing and strengthening six micro-enterprises, marketing support through gender workshops, strengthening local institutions and promoting improvements to the productive base, as well as the participation of women.
  • 39 poultry modules for the same number of families, each consisting of twenty chickens of improved race and one rooster. The families were provided material to build the enclosures, veterinary products and feed.
  • Reforestation of 150 hectares with trees for timber as well as energy, that allows recuperation of the woods within the river basin.
  • 112 workshops focusing upon environmental themes such as integrated management of plagues, forest fires, insecticides and compost, management of river basins, and use and management of pesticides, importance of the woods, forest plantations, soil and water conservation, construction of retention dikes, management of natural regeneration, post-harvest management and the establishment of 12 committees for local development.
  • Construction of 820 retention dikes on 124 farms exposed to risk.
  • Construction of 327stoves that reduce the amount of firewood needed, as well as diminish respiratory illnesses.

We seek to enable the direct and indirect beneficiaries to appropriate the new technologies and have the necessary tools to develop their small farms and increase production in order to increase the family income, as well as have a positive environmental impact. However, the key element for environmentally sound agricultural development is human beings who co-exist with and do not simply exploit Nature.

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Javier GilJavier Gil
Topography Engineer, Spain
Spanish, english, french
Project management, construction, budgeting, training


In 2005, SofoNic has started a dual education program for masons in Nicaragua, using its house-building programs as a base. Teaming up with the local technical school in Jinotepe they are graduating about ten masons every year since. Most f them have found jobs in construction or have started a business on their own. SofoNic has contracted several of them as master masons in the reconstruction programs in Haiti.