Marketing degree through MCR research

Jazmin Jara and Viviana Logroño, students at the school of marketing at the Polytechnical University of Chimborazo, in Riobamba in Ecuador, received their degrees after defending their thesis entitled “Investigation of the market to determine the demand for MCR roofs in the province of Chimborazo in 2003”.


Their these defence lasted about one hour, during which they explained their entire analysis about the presence of the brand “Techofácil” in the market of Riobamba, an analysis based upon very technical issues.

The most important of the conclusions and recommendations concerns the necessity of implementing a marketing plan in order to position MCR tiles on the market like a brand. This is considered desirable because of the advantages of MCR that include architectural characteristics, price, function, and comfort, which positions it as the best competitor for the leading brands in the market.

The two students, after a long and difficult round of questions, clearly demonstrated their capacity and knowledge about the needs of marketing, attention to the client and post sales service required by the business.

Both students were active in the client survey team that interviewed people in both rural and urban areas, and they guided the team in the analysis of data. In 2002 they discussed their observations and recommendations at a seminar of Ecuadorian tile producers.

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