Affordable housing - first house paid off

It was with great pleasure that Mercedes Gutiérrez paid the last installment on her house, which forms part of an innovative housing program of EcoTec S.A. in Nicaragua. Through a process of quick recovery of the capital, the system allows construction of more housing, using ecologically viable materials, attractive designs at an affordable price. Mercedes, who is an engineer with the Municipality of Diriamba, moved with her husband and two children to the new house in December of 2000. In less than four years she was able to pay off her mortgage, the first installment in January 2001 and the last in October 2004. Her house is now paid and fully hers!


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In 2005, SofoNic has started a dual education program for masons in Nicaragua, using its house-building programs as a base. Teaming up with the local technical school in Jinotepe they are graduating about ten masons every year since. Most f them have found jobs in construction or have started a business on their own. SofoNic has contracted several of them as master masons in the reconstruction programs in Haiti.