150.000 Cool Tiles in Namibia

150.000 cool tilesIn September 2004, Eco Solution CC celebrated the production of the 150,000th cool tile in Namibia with an event attended by local building suppliers, Municipality representatives, another cool tiles producer and two future tile producers, as well as group leaders from the Clay House Project. They learned about the history of MCR tiles in Namibia, saw how tiles were made and quality controlled.

In September 2004, forty invited guests celebrated the production of the 150,000th cool tile in Namibia. Among the guests who gathered at the workshop of "Eco Solutions CC" in Orwetoveni/ Otjiwarongo was another cool tiles producer from Otjiwarongo. Uwe Von Boetticher, as well as local building suppliers, Municipality representatives, two future tile producers from Henties Bay and group leaders from the Clay House Project. Peter Arndt, one of the founders of "Eco Solutions CC" introduced the new company and gave a short overview about the history of cool tiles in Namibia and demonstrated different quality control instruments.

150.000 cool tiles

The visitors observed with interest how the cool tiles withstand a pressure of 70kg and the impact of a 220g steel ball from a 30cm distance. He further explained the importance of having the right mixture of sand, gravel and cement, as well as the right proportion of small, medium and larger grains of sand.

150.000 cool tilesAfterwards, Amanda Shinedima demonstrated the production of cool tiles. She placed a plastic sheet on the vibrating table, put some cement mortar on it and started the vibration. Within 60 seconds the mortar was distributed evenly. She then stopped the motor and pulled the plastic sheet with the mortar onto a plastic mould, where it was to remain overnight. The next day she will take the tile off the mould and put it into a water tank to cure for 6 days. Thereafter, the tile will remain another 21 days for curing under shade to gain its full strength.

At the end of the demonstration, the guests were invited to a snack inside the office and to visit a photo exhibition. There were lively discussions about the variety of buildings roofed with cool tiles: private houses from small to large, villas, lodges, public buildings like kindergartens, schools and hospitals, horse and chicken stables and even an industrial factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

150.000 cool tiles


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