ECOSouth consultants take pleasure in sharing knowledge

EcoSouth consultants have their feet on the ground and their hands on daily tasks, whether directing projects, managing organizations, research and development or tutoring students. In other words they are in touch and actively involved in their fields, building and producing. Thus, they can provide expertise from a constantly renewable base of real experiences.

When they take on a consulting mission, they arrive with a suitcase laden with fresh daily experiences to enrich their onsite activities. They delight in sharing their knowledge!

Multi-lingual, internationally experienced, dedicated to south-south knowledge sharing, they are not afraid of difficult situations and take to challenges with élan.

Lucky are the students who benefit from their mission experiences. Lucky are their organizations that benefit from the wider cultural perspectives they bring back.

Clients, however, are the greatest beneficiaries. Those who recur to the EcoSouth pool of experts can enrich their ongoing programs or introduce new ideas and technologies through the specific technical knowledge brought by the consultants.

Insights about key EcoSouth consultants:

Martin Melendez, Civil Engineer, MSc.
Spanish, English
Setting up an educational program for construction apprentices, designing a housing project for working poor, operative management of another housing project, research and development into vertical shaft brick kilns fired with alternative fuels.

  • Tech Award Laureate for 2003 in category of economic development
  • Past engagements in Ghana and Namibia (project evaluation), Central America (technology transfer)

Kurt Rhyner, Prof. Dr. Architect
English, Spanish, German, French
Lectures in various Latin American countries, coordinating ecomaterials movement, linking projects of the EcoSouth Network, project conception.

  • Currently preparing Ecomaterials Conference 2005
  • Past engagements throughout Central and South America (project conception), Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Zimbabwe (project conception and backstopping)

Jose Fernando Martirena, Prof. Dr. Engineering
Spanish, English, German
Investigating use of biomass to produce ecomaterials as part of post-doctorate work with the University of Kassel, directing post-hurricane housing project, tutoring doctoral candidates.

  • Currently preparing Ecomaterials Conference 2005
  • Past engagements in Ecuador and Central America (feasibility studies), Namibia (project evaluation)

Peter Dunckley, Arquitecto, MSc
English, Afrikaans
A busy schedule of consultancies throughout Southern Africa helps maintain contact with current realities

  • Coordinating dissemination program for MCR in Southern Africa
  • Past engagements in Zimbabwe and Zambia (technology transfer)

Pedro Nolasco Ruiz, Prof. Civil Engineering
Spanish, English
Currently giving classes, designing, investigating pre-stressed beams, tutoring graduate students

  • Recently returned from Bangladesh (design of a metal industrial roof)
  • Past engagements in Namibia (project direction), Mozambique (technology transfer) and Nicaragua (post-hurricane settlement design)

Orlando Espinosa, Mechanical Engineer
Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian
Coordinating the Cuban MCR network and supervising the quality of the hundreds of workshops in Cuba, ongoing investigation about use of concrete in support structures

  • Preparing for Mozambique mission
  • Past engagements in Tajikistan (project setup and technology transfer), Central America (technology transfer), Vietnam (technology transfer)

Maytee Campos, Chartered Accountant
Spanish, English, Portuguese
Running successful MCR business in Harare, management consulting to NGOs

  • Preparing for Mozambique mission

Peter Arndt, Social worker & Mechanical technician
Directing squatter upgrading program, applied research in home improvements

  • Recently returned from Bangladesh where he guided construction of a large industrial roof
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Paul Moreno A.
Spanish, English, German
Quality assurance, processes standarization
Chemical / food processes
Communications Officer - EcoSur webmaster
Customer service representative


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