Dania Betancourt in Estelí, Nicaragua

After traveling more than 150 km of dusty road, Professor Dania Betancourt Cura, is ready to give classes to students in Esteli that are finishing their university studies with a course organized by the Popular University of Nicaragua.


This is an outgrowth of the intense interchange between Cuba and Nicaragua in academic fields, among others, during the 1980s. Cuban university professors enjoy high prestige in Nicaragua and frequently are asked to give classes within graduate and diploma programs. Dania works for CIDEM in the Universidad Central de las Villas en Santa Clara, Cuba, where she is involved in the development of technologies for the efficient production of fired clay bricks. She was engaged in Esteli from mid-November 2003 until the end of January 2004.

The course included general themes about the production and use of ecomaterials in practical applications, from planning of projects to construction of houses and other buildings. In this way the students were able to learn more about the technologies of micro concrete tiles, puzolanic cement CP40, concrete blocks, adobe, and fired clay bricks.

Considering that the main coordination center of the EcoSouth Network is located in Nicaragua, Martin Melendez was invited to share his experiences in the production and use of ecomaterials in Nicaragua, in an activity where the students and professors participated enthusiastically. Many new interests and questions have arisen as a result of this visit.

Perhaps in some years – or months – when the professor again travels to Esteli, she will be able to visit new ecomaterials production facilities, that have surfaced from this joining of forces and coordinated with the universities and the EcoSouth Network.

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