Edition #2, March 2004

Loja – The Ecological City

Taken from Loja's Local Government:    

It has been about a decade since Loja´s mayor, Jose Bolivar Castillo, initiated changes in the city. The streets in the center are in good condition, the rivers Malacatos y Zamora that pass through the city are clean, and the central park has become a complex for diversion and learning. This is reflects the success of traffic control, garbage collection and care of the environment.
The mayor is convinced that all this has been achieved because the “lojanos” have been involved in the diagnosis, planning, execution and evaluation of the projects.

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Urban Renewal Conference in India

The Indian government entity “HUDCO”, with support of the United Nations, organized a conference in February, in order to gather ideas for new lines of action as it confronts the enormous problem of growing degradation of the constructed environment in Indian cities. The country has more than 1,000 million inhabitants, of which 30% live in cities. Five of the fifteen most populous cities on Earth are in India, and a total of its 27 metropolises have more than a million inhabitants.

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Dania Betancourt in Estelí, Nicaragua

After traveling more than 150 km of dusty road, Professor Dania Betancourt Cura, is ready to give classes to students in Esteli that are finishing their university studies with a course organized by the Popular University of Nicaragua.

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Zambian Copperbelt housing projects to use MCR

 Peter Dunckley  

Sister Aggie smiles proudly as she turns to display the first MCR tile produced by her Project. She has volunteered, along with 19 colleagues, to attend a two week training course in MCR Production facilitated by EcoSouth Training Consultant Peter Dunckley.

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Biennial of Architecture in Quito

At the upcoming Biennial of Architecture to be held in November 2004, EcoSouth will present a week long seminar on ecomaterials not only at the major event in Quito, but also at three other provincial universities through the country. EcoSouth experts from Guatemala, Cuba, Switzerland, and Ecuador will share their knowledge about such themes as micro concrete roofing, adobe, alternative cement and the efficient firing of clay bricks.

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Fernando Martirena
Civil Engineer, PhD. Professor.
Spanish, English, German.
Research and investigation of materials, specifically alternative cement and cement products.


Inodoro seco
Otji toilet - In english, spanish subtitles
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