Dare to Share!

Martín Meléndez  

The “Dare to Share” fair held at Swiss Development Cooperation headquarters in Bern at the end of March, attracted more than 125 participants from all over the world in a knowledge sharing endeavor that included workshops, exhibitions, small presentations and bilateral meetings.

I went to check the Encarta to find a definition for the word “fair”.

"At their beginning fairs were periodical meetings of sellers and buyers with their merchandise, which was the only opportunity to interchange their goods. Usually the fairs were held during religious festivities. Then in the 20 th century, especially in the United States , fairs more and more were converted into big industrial exhibitions and in Europe some fairs specialized around one single industry. "

Bern , the city in which the offices of the Swiss government are located, served as a stage for the “Dare to Share” Fair, a meeting dedicated to the interchange and the management of knowledge.

For two days people from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Europe discussed in workshops, and made small presentations and exhibitions about their Know-how and how they use it.

The EcoSouth Network had an exhibition stand where we showed how we communicate our information. Perhaps what attracted the most attention was the way EcoSouth colleagues communicate face to face, with the “Three Bs”b system (bread, bed and beer) that keeps costs low. This characteristic form of maintenance of who shares their knowledge with you is well known in central Europe , where even today you can find apprentices (especially carpenters) that after graduating will travel the world for a bed, food and some money to spend, without charging the real worth of their work offered.


Diego Coloma
Diego Coloma MachadoEcuadorean
Mechanic technician
Spanish, english
Installation, training and setup of workshops: MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, Puzzolanic cement, concrete precasts.


Molino mezclador de lodo para ladrillos
Earth mill for fired clay bricks - electric motor
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