Past editions Wed, 24 Jan 2018 07:08:27 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (EcoSur: Concrete Roof Tiles, puzolanic cement, earth houses, ecomaterials) The desire to learn Around nine o´clock one evening, the project director found the resident engineer in Matiguas, Nicaragua, explaining to a young mason how steel is placed inside the beams, while he busily took notes. Earlier they had been checking the daily expenses. It seems to be a common practice for them to pass time discussing and theorizing about the “whys” of construction. At times it is a reverse process where the mason explains practical questions to the engineer.

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Henties Bay A model house built by the Clay House Project in Henties Bay, Namibia was inaugurated recently. The CHP sent its experts to teach and build the clay house with Cool Tiles, the name by which MCR tiles are known in Namibia. The event received wide radio and television coverage and it is hoped that this will impulse more houses to built with the Shack Federation in Henties Bay.

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The three B's: Bed, bread and beer The EcoSouth Network has an innovative system of “honoraries” among its colleagues. When one provides consulting to another or they work together on common projects, they apply the concept of the Three Bs - Bed, Bread and Beer. In this way the host provides the Three Bs. Recently in Canada, Robert Day, vice-dean at the University of Calgary received Fernando Martirena of CIDEM and Kurt Rhyner of Grupo Sofonias at his farm for a few intensive days where they designed a project about Ecomaterials with Latin American universities.

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Gabriel Pons - in memoriam Image In July we received the sad news about the death of our colleague Gabriel Pons from San Salvador. Many of us remember his brilliant interventions during the debates in the 2nd Ecomaterials Conference in Santa Clara, his explanations and theories concerning earth constructions to resist earthquakes.

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Simplicity with Style Image Recently the prestigious magazine Open House International, published an article about the post-Mitch reconstruction project in Malacatoya, Nicaragua. It describes the different project phases, but especially emphasizes that the “beneficiaries” are treated as real “clients”. The question as to Why architects design individual houses for the wealthy, but “chicken coops” for social projects?, is at the center of the discussion. The article is published on the EcoSouth website in the original English version with special permission of “Open House International”.

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From Pilot Plants to Market Zones Image Seeding of MCR pilots plants in the early nineties has spawned offspring throughout Latin America, resulting in around 15 market zones today, as well as many growing and/or stable local markets throughout the region.
That market zones have emerged but a decade after its introduction reveals the advantages of the product and the enterprising spirit of the producers. MCR stands out in all countries as a product which can be sold in all sectors and markets.

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Alternative Sanitation: the modern dry toilet Image  The Clay House Project in Namibia has developed a dry toilet system that has demonstrated itself to be a viable alternative for CHP clients, especially those who do not earn enough money to pay the monthly water costs. More important, because water is a scarce resource in Namibia and the water sources can't meet the rising demand, it shows municipalities an alternative sanitation system that could help develop their informal areas.

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Salvadorean tilemakers Image After the 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador, the women´s movement “Las Mélidas” started a tile program. The Melidas workshops have extremely well-kept moulds and have received the EcoSouth quality certificate. The quality of the roofs observed is good. Most of the workshops have an information service for carpenters and two provide a roofing service. While there have been several stumbling blocks for the women upon entering the private market, it is important to remember that the construction materials market is a field totally dominated by men.

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