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Hafeni Tsuseb calls the cellphone number of Sippora Kamati, to talk to her about the schedule for the following day. Sippora is the proprietor of one of about 20 kindergartens in Otjiwarongo and Hafeni is one of two employees from the Clay House Project who runs the so called educational trailer.
Sippora´s kindergarten, in the informal settlement of Orwetoveni where the poorest citizens live, was built by the Clay House Project. But Sippora is already busily making new sun dried clay bricks for another classroom, as she wants to extend her kindergarten with a second teacher to include more children.

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Key speakers for the 4th EcoMaterials Conference http://english.ecosur.org/index.php/edition-35-e-magazine-280/379-key-speakers-for-the-4th-ecomaterials-conference http://english.ecosur.org/index.php/edition-35-e-magazine-280/379-key-speakers-for-the-4th-ecomaterials-conference Four months in advance, an impressing number of people have confirmed their participation for the four days  of the 4th EcoMaterials Conference in Bayamo, Cuba.  For the main sessions there are 14 key note speakers from 8 countries and more than 70 presenters from 16 countries. The scientific committee has made a first selection of the contributions and divided them into lectures and posters and the placement into the different themes during the three days of deliberations. It is planned to hand the proceedings to all the participants upon their arrival in Havanna on Sunday November 22.  ]]> paulmoreno@gmail.com (Administrator) Edition 35 - August 2009 Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:00:58 +0000