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The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile production unit can produce up to 350 MicroConcrete Roof (MCR) tiles per day

The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile production unit includes:

  • One vibrating table machine with short chassis and electric motor of 12 V 8A.
    The machine also works with a car battery or solar panels (not included).
  • AC inverter from 110-120V a 12 V 8A
  • 200 plastic moulds to start producing roman tiles
  • Metal frames for roman tiles, ridge tile and vault slabs
  • Scale and spoons for dossification
  • Basic testing equipment (quality control) for the workshop
  • Spare parts kit and maintenance tool
  • Printed manuals, training video and CD-ROM
  • NEW: Now includes the Ridge Closer Tile frame
You don't buy only the equipment.
The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile
production unit includes all the KNOW-HOW

The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile production unit is ready to start producing:

  • Roman tile
  • Ridge tile
  • Verge tile at 90º
  • Mini vaults

The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile production unit works with an AC Inverter or by itself with car batteries or solar panels

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Pieces produced with the tevi MicroConcrete Roof tiles production unit
Minimum floorplan of a MicroConcrete Roof tile production factory
Photos: MicroConcrete Roof tiles manufacture
Photos: Roofs with MCR technology
Photos: Tile, ridge tile, verge tile at 90º
Photos: Ridge closer tile
Photos: Mini vault

The tevi MicroConcrete Roof tile
production unit is recommended
as the best in its class by the
Basin Network

The MB-600 ball mill has been designed to mill and to mix lime with puzzolanic ashes to obtain Pozzolanic Cement CP40

The MB-600 is built to last and to work in any weather, outdoor or indoors.

Concrete mixers and MicroConcrete mixers
Vibrating Presses to produce blocks, floor tiles, and other small concrete pre-cast high quality elements
Adobe (mud bricks, compressed soil) presses
 Quality control equipment for MCR and CP-40 workshops
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Estuardo QuispilloEstuardo Quispillo
Constructions technician
Expert in construction and operation of the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, VSBK (HVC, Horno Vertical Contínuo)
Installation, training and setup of workshops of MicroConcrete Roofing tiles