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Phone: (++593.9) 9258 5847
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Red EcoSur
P.O. Box 107
Jinotepe, Nicaragua
Tel (++ 505) 253 21082 / 253 20686
Fax (++ 505) 253 20689

Red EcoSur
P.O. Box 0601-1468
Riobamba, Ecuador
Tel/Fax: (++593.3) 294 0574



Clay House Project
P.O. Box 1496
Otjiwarongo, Namibia
Tel: (++264) 67 304548
Fax: (++264) 67 304557

Universidad Central de Las Villas
P.O. Box 54830
Santa Clara, Cuba
Tel: (++53) 42 281561 / 281065
Fax: (++53) 42 281539

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Diego Coloma
Diego Coloma MachadoEcuadorean
Mechanic technician
Spanish, english
Installation, training and setup of workshops: MicroConcrete Roofing tiles, Puzzolanic cement, concrete precasts.


In 2005, SofoNic has started a dual education program for masons in Nicaragua, using its house-building programs as a base. Teaming up with the local technical school in Jinotepe they are graduating about ten masons every year since. Most f them have found jobs in construction or have started a business on their own. SofoNic has contracted several of them as master masons in the reconstruction programs in Haiti.